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XIAMEN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2021 / On Wednesday, June 9th at 3 pm (UTC/GMT+08:00), TUYOU New Energy (TUYOU) held a 'Nice TU Meet YOU' official product launch and press conference in south China's Xiamen City. With lots of interaction between attendees, the environment at the event was bursting with energy. During the launch event, TUYOU officially released their independently researched and developed 'hot swap' battery tech which-for all TUYOU branded electric cars, or vehicles, e-bikes, and electric motorcycles of other brands using TUYOU batteries. At the same time, the TUYOU Power Station, and TUYOU YOUNG series of NEVs also debuted. All of this aroused intense discussion both onsite and online.

TUYOU's newly launched charging and swapping system is a positive step forward in terms of actively responding to China's 'shared travel' and 'battery leasing' policies for energy conservation and environmental protection; of accelerating the adoption of SmartCity Technology and intelligently networked automobiles; and, of promoting the creation of a shared and economical car-sharing service system. The 'Nice TU Meet YOU' event kicked off with an immersive holographic projection experience where the founder of TUYOU-Chen Yiqi-delivered a speech that provoked thunderous applause from the onsite audience.

Starting from the day of the event all of the products on display (including TUYOU's NEVs, charging stations, and batteries) were made available for sale to the public. Owing to the service stations already constructed during the early stages of product development, the TUYOU NEVs equipped with their in-house charging and swapping system, and in-house power pack power management system are the first NEVs in the world which take only 1 minute to complete the whole process of swapping battery packs. As different types of customers have different needs when it comes to mileage, TUYOU NEVs also provide different battery matching solutions for the vehicle's front, rear, and chassis power packs. The ability to completely remove and swap a power pack is substantially more convenient than stopping to get a charge and it completely solves the previous problem of difficult and slow charging of plug-in electrics.

The launch of TUYOU NEV has seen members of the public scrambling for the opportunity to take a test drive.

Now, with the advent of the power pack swap system, the biggest pain point for domestic and foreign consumers of plug-in electrics has been solved. According to statistics, delivery drivers on e-bikes travel substantially in excess of their e-bike's native battery capacity and may stop for a charge as much as 5 or even 6 times a day. These forced pauses seriously affect their income capability. However, if their vehicles have a TUYOU battery pack and are somewhere with a TUYOU Power Station, they can quickly and easily change their battery and get back on the road. By reducing the amount of time the deliveryman spends charging, he can increase the amount of time he spends making deliveries. From this, it is not difficult to see that this is an area where TUYOU not only brings great promises but also delivers them.

At the launch event, the president of AngelCrunch-Zhou Lixia-sent a video congratulating TUYOU and expressing her recognition of TUYOU's business philosophy and team strength. She stated that she believed that TUYOU had fully grasped the pain points of NEV owners (particularly plug-in electrics) and had taken aim at market trends in such a way as to build a business model which was both diversified and stable. By accurately diagnosing and solving problems in the NEV marketplace, TUYOU was opening up the era of new energy for ordinary entrepreneurs via cross-industry integration and innovation. At the same time, she also pointed out that-under the backdrop of China's climate change commitment to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060 - AngelCrunch is also continuing to increase its investment in new energy, and fields related to green and low-carbon technology; and that all of TUYOU's actions to date had been highly compatible with the organization's philosophy of long-term sustainable development. Also, with regards to this matter, she greatly appreciated what they were doing and wanted to let them know!

Subsequently, an IP protection agreement was signed between Chen Yiqi (the founder of TUYOU) and Li Lei ( the Chairman of AngelCrunch's Supervisory Board and AngelCrunch's Intellectual Property Consultant) to better protect the IP rights of Chinese Smart Manufacturing representative brands.

As a rising star in the field of NEVs, TUYOU is currently relying on its innovative R&D capabilities to create a diversified and stable business model which will give it a solid footing in the field of new energy. As of now, TUYOU has already completed the first round of angel investment. In terms of industry expansion, TUYOU Power Stations are already on the ground in Xiamen's Siming District and have already provided tens of thousands of battery swaps. At the conference, TUYOU also officially released its global partnership plan. In the future, TUYOU will recruit domestic city partners to build ten thousand power stations across a hundred different municipalities and districts within China! While building a new energy-smart ecological network, TUYOU plans to earn revenue from the sales of sharable cars to battery swaps, from insurance financing, sales of peripheral products, after-sales service, and power station development.

As China's efforts in the field of 'energy saving and emission reduction' continue to increase, the field of new energy will continue to receive more attention. TUYOU is one of the new energy industry's dark horses galloping its way out into the open, and, as the TUYOU spokesperson, said: 'with TUYOU's insistence on continuing to have innovative research and development, to work towards building a sustainable green smart energy network, on conscious corporate responsibility, and on providing innovative consumer products, people will be hearing more and more about this brand in the future!'

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SOURCE: Tuyou (Xiamen) Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.

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